Astrophysics & Planetary Science

SURA has a strong history of leveraging its member universities as a model of scientific collaboration. SURA provides a deep bench of program management and operations expertise, as well as outreach and education activities designed to identify and develop scientists and students in active research projects, including those from traditionally underrepresented communities.

SURA is committed to nurturing and strengthening a diverse astrophysics and planetary science community by partnering with leading research institutions dedicated to advancing the strategic science goals of NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center and the broader space science community. SURA and our partner institutions provide realistic and feasible program management approaches meant to attract and retain world-class research scientists who will lead the way in engaging and mentoring gifted students and early-career scientists, engineers, and technologist.

For further information, read about SURA’s collaboration on the GSFC Center for Research and Exploration in Space Science and Technology (CRESST II) Cooperative Agreement.