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Information Technology

SURA Expands High Performance Computing Access to MSIs


SURA is providing education and training programs for communities traditionally underserved by high performance computing resources. Through the Extreme Science and Engineering Environment (XSEDE) program, funded by the National Science Foundation, SURA assists Underrepresented Minorities, Women, and Minority-Serving Institutions (MSI) faculty and students to incorporate high performance computing and advanced digital services into their curriculum and research.

Over the course of three years, SURA IT staff members have made numerous campus visits, organized workshops, and hosted sessions that have expanded communities of new users. SURA’s efforts have initiated education projects at ten institutions to infuse computational science into their curriculum and degree programs and added 54 new users utilizing XSEDE computational and visualization resources to support their scientific research.

SURA member institutions participating in the XSEDE MSI Outreach program include Clark Atlanta University, Florida International University, Hampton University, North Carolina A&T State University, Virginia State University, as well as the Vanderbilt/Fisk Masters-to-PhD Bridge Program.

AtlanticWave Connects U.S. and International Research Communities

Computer Server

AtlanticWave has been supporting U.S. science research and education communities along the Atlantic rim since 2006. At that time, SURA’s investment in the program enabled the establishment of a 10 Gigabit Ethernet wave from Miami to New York City. Today, AtlanticWave is a distributed exchange point peering fabric that facilitates exchange and peering services between U.S. and international networks. It provides research communities with enhanced information and data exchange at exchange points in New York City; Miami, Washington, DC; Atlanta, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

SURA continues to participate on the Governance Committee of the AtlanticWave program. The Committee recently finalized an agreement to evolve and integrate AtlanticWave into the growing national cyberinfrastructure and international science and engineering research and education community.