IT Initiatives

IT Initiatives and Partnerships

EarthCube: Supporting a More Sustainable World

SURA is a funded partner in the NSF EarthCube Test Enterprise Governance implementation.  This partnership between NSF’s efforts in Geosciences and Advanced Cyberinfrastructure aims to create a more sustainable future through improvements in our understanding of Earth as a complex and changing planet.

IT/EM Collaboration Project: Enhancing Emergency Management

The SURA IT Steering Group is happy to announce the release of version 1 of the “SURA Technology Services Incident Response Plan Template.” This template is intended to be customized to meet an individual institution’s needs and is intended to provide a starting point for developing and documenting response procedures to various information technology incidents that impact institutional operations, access, or security.  This template provides for the definition of specific roles and responsibilities for Technology Services personnel to help them manage and respond to foreseeable information technology incidents. Furthermore, this plan describes how Technology Services incident response plans can be integrated with an institution’s standing operational groups’ plans (e.g., Emergency Operations Group, academic units, system/server administrators) and the manner in which incidents should be communicated to end users.

Founding Partner of AtlanticWave: Linking Key Networks

Connecting the key research and education network exchange points on the U.S. East Coast, AtlanticWave supports distributed IP peering points in New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami and Sao Paulo. This in turn provides an international peering fabric interconnecting the U.S., Canada, Europe, and South America.

Working with SURA IT

SURA IT Initiatives are coordinated through the combined activities of the following groups:

  • SURA Information Technology staff:
    Gary Crane, Director of IT Initiatives
    Linda Akli, Assistant Director, Training, Education & Outreach,  (akli)
  • The SURA IT Committee is comprised of CIO or equivalent representation from all SURA member institutions and is charged with the oversight of the SURA IT Program. The SURA IT Steering Group is a subset of the IT Committee. The SURA IT Committee Chair also chairs the IT Steering Group.