Collaborative. Inclusive. Diverse. Supportive. All of these terms describe our approach to assembling effective member teams to undertake scientific research that results in far-reaching, globally significant discoveries. We identify opportunities, facilitate and expedite administrative processes, coordinate communications, and negotiate and approve funding and grant awards to provide our members with an optimal environment to pursue research that serves the greater good and advances innovation.

We are actively engaged in research and scientific initiatives in the following areas:

Nuclear Physics at Jefferson Lab
SURA founded and continues to manage and operate Jefferson Lab, the world’s leading research center for detailed studies of proton and neutron structures.

Information Technology
Our IT initiatives have integrated national and international perspectives and resources into programs that deliver near and long-term value.

Coastal and Environmental Phenomena
With support from NOAA, we facilitated strategic collaborations that resulted in the development and operation of the Coastal and Ocean Modeling Testbed.

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We provide additional functions and programs that support collaborative research and recognize outstanding achievements:

External Relations
SURA continually builds collaborations to help support and fund scientific research in the natural interest.

SURA Distinguished Service Awards
In 2006, we established the SURA Distinguished Service Awards to honor individuals who advance the scientific capabilities of the nation as well as those whose work exemplifies excellence in scientific research.

SURA also sponsors The International Light Cone Advisory Committee, Inc. (ILCAC), which sponsors events and initiatives devoted to quantum field theory.