JSA Programs Committee

The SURA Board of Trustees has appointed a JSA Programs Committee Steering Group comprised of a subset of the full committee to carry out the responsibilities of the Committee. The members of the Steering Group are:

  • Elizabeth Beise, University of Maryland, Chair
  • Jerry Draayer, SURA President and CEO
  • Paul Eugenio, Florida State University
  • Tanja Horn, The Catholic University of America
  • Zisis Papandreou, University of Regina
  • Lawrence Weinstein, Old Dominion University
  • Elizabeth Lawson, SURA Chief Governance Officer / Principal JSA/JLab Liaison, Staff Liaison

Responsibilities of the JSA Programs Committee:

  • Manage and administer the JSA Initiatives Fund: annually issue call for proposals, evaluate new proposals along with existing projects for continuing relevance and effectiveness, administer individual projects including the procedures for implementation, and monitor and report expenditures.
  • Foster relations and communications with users and community stakeholders. Monitor and ensure an effective outreach program in support of the Lab’s programs. Coordinate with Lab programs and initiatives that further university involvement.
  • Advise SURA on the management and operation of the Residence Facility. Review and approve recommendations for rate restructuring and major expenditures.
  • Monitor and report to the SURA Board on status of performance of SURA as administrative and tax member and owner of JSA. Assess JSA’s performance via Goal 4.3 of the Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan.