Information Technology Committee

The full IT Committee is comprised of CIO’s and computer scientists and technologists of SURA institutions, and includes SURA Trustees as appointed by the Board.

The SURA Board of Trustees has appointed an IT Committee Steering Group that acts on behalf of the extended IT Committee to carry out its responsibilities. The Steering Group meets on at least a quarterly basis, coincident or just prior to scheduled Executive Committee and Board meetings. The Steering Group attends the bi-annual Board of Trustees meetings. The full SURA IT Committee meets prior to Board meetings to ensure that the issues of the larger committee are presented to the SURA Board.

IT Committee Steering Group:

  • Marc Hoit, North Carolina State University, Chair
  • Bliss Bailey, Auburn University
  • Brian Ensor, The George Washington University
  • Sara Graves, The University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • Ron Hutchins, University of Virginia
  • Eric Kledzik, Florida Tech
  • Charles McMahon, Tulane University
  • Don Riley, University of Maryland, SURA President’s Designee
  • Gary Crane, SURA Director of IT Initiatives, Staff Liaison

Responsibilities of the IT Committee:

  • Seek and encourage new collaborative IT projects of benefit to SURA member institutions.
  • Monitor the progress of the approved and funded SURA IT program.
  • Review the plans for future SURA IT projects/programs.
  • Provide appropriate comments and recommendations to the Board.